ChatBridge: Turning Virtual Networking into Real Results!
The online networking world has been changed. It’s now easy to turn your “saved chats” into a powerful tool to find new prospects, get sales, identify JV partners or speaking opportunities and build relationships with everyone.
“It’s a game changer!” “This is very cool!” “It’s magical!” “Wow, beautiful!” “It’s freakin’ amazing!” “What a huge time saver!” “This makes it so easy!” “Should be the “2023 Software of the Year!” “It’s brilliant!” “All my saved chats are now usable!”
ChatBridge… A Game Changer to Help You Get Massive Results from Virtual Networking
Here’s a quick tour of a “day in the life” showing how you can use the new ChatBridge!
ChatBridge Makes Your Virtual Networking So Productive!
  • Finally, follow-up is easy
  • Get more clients & referrals
  • Find speaking opportunities
  • Look for JV partners
  • One-click to shared websites
  • Open social media sites
  • Keeping in touch now easily
  • Build great relationships
ChatBridge Changes the Game in Virtual Networking!
Now You Can:
  • Follow up easily with the prospects and VIP’s you meet
  • Get results, new sales and referrals
  • Find JV partners and open new marketing channels
  • Find speakers or reach out to find new speaking opportunities
  • Create your own collaboration group or referral team
  • One-click and connect or follow on LinkedIn or social media
  • Manage and archive “saved chat” info on people from all your virtual meetings
  • Easily review everyone’s exact chat posts to find important details
  • Visit attendee websites to review backgrounds and seek opportunities
  • Email people who provide their address in a single click
  • Download all attendee lists to use in your CRM or email systems
  • Import key people into EngagePro to personalize your communications
  • Use EngagePro’s automated, keep-in-touch tools to grow trust and relationships
  • and there’s even more coming!
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ChatBridge Features!

  • Unlimited imports of saved chats to find follow up opportunities.
  • Saves huge amounts of time in getting results from networking.
  • In moments, find potential prospects, speakers, stages and JV opportunities.
  • Instantly export names and email addresses to add into your CRM.
  • Quickly review every chat post to identify and select who to follow up with.
  • Select and create priority follow up groups to focus on results.
  • Import all your saved chat files to find leads from earlier meetings.
  • Automatically view shared websites, social media sites and calendar links.
  • Learn about the interests, services, and offers of people before following up.
  • Select and 1-click sync people into EngagePro to grow trusted relationships and results.
  • Sync Follow-Up Contacts from ChatBridge.
ChatBridgeConnect FAQs

ChatBridge is designed to make “following up” from networking very easy. When someone adds their information and posts it into chat in a virtual meeting it’s now easy to see and immediately take action where you see a potential opportunity.

No, we’ve made it very easy for you to get started immediately and get fast results. Using ChatBridge is simple, intuitive, and you can import a “saved chat” file from your networking in just a few seconds.

You only see the direct messages in your “saved chats” that are from others sent to or from you. You can’t see private messages exchanged by others. All chat messages sent to the entire attendee group are usable in ChatBridge.

With a Max account, people are importing every saved virtual meeting saved chat file that have been sitting unused for weeks, months or even years on their computers. Some subscribers to ChatBridgeConnect are importing hundreds of files and then sorting them by categories to capture value from all of their networking and workshop programs they’ve attended over time.

Exporting information is fast and simple. You have the option to export information immediately after you’ve imported it into ChatBridgeConnect. We’re going to organize and make that valuable for you to use. As well, you have the option to aggregate information and save or archive chat files inside of your ChatBridge account from multiple meetings for your later export.

First, we require that you agree to comply with privacy and GDPR regulations. Next, for those who shared their email address in the meeting, we agree they provided that information to invite you to reach out to them to make contact by email. We strongly advise you to follow best practices and not spam people.

Absolutely! We’re strongly urge you to carefully focus on connecting with people with the intent of seeking to start a relationship from the meeting. Please, absolutely no spamming! If you send an email, always consider adding references to how you met, and how you obtained their email address. And of course, we urge people to offer an “item of value” that shares something that could be of interest to the person. And while it shouldn’t need saying, effective networking means seeking collaborative, mutually beneficial outcomes, builds your credentials and increases trust and results.

Absolutely! Every Friday, we host a success accelerator training program for all subscribers. It’s free, open to guests too and as a subscriber, information on how to attend is sent to you regularly. We connect by Zoom at 1PM Pacific at this link:

We are in the trust and relationships building business first! ChatBridgeConnect is a sister product to our popular EngagePro software that specializes in helping you bring the people you meet into relationships, new sales, referrals, speaking opportunities and even JV partnerships. EngagePro is an add-on option for ChatBridgeConnect subscribers and automatically allows you to select and sync contacts into EngagePro for easy-to-do, trust building steps within EngagePro

No, absolutely not! Your imported “saved chat” information is private to you only and not shared with other subscribers.


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