About EngagePro and Why We’re Here

Time and time again, professionals of all types tell us how challenging it is to gain new clients. Our ability to have meaningful conversations with people who could use our services is being obstructed by increased noise of all kinds.

The people we could help the most have often put up barriers preventing us from reaching them. Today, the issues are growing with email flooding our inboxes, social media noise, and massive online marketers’ power.

If this sounds like what it’s like when you’re trying to reach new prospects, you’ve come to the right place. I believe the only solution to these issues is to gain more high-quality opportunities by building highly engaged relationships with a small group of people committed to working together to help each other grow.

I further know that doing this systematically and repeatedly leads to many doors opening for you. You gain a continuous new flow of high-quality introductions and referrals. That’s why we’ve created EngagePro to do just that for our users.

My Mission: I believe it’s time we take a stand and bring the concepts of relationship building and technology into sync.

 I also know the proof is in! That is… if you want more clients, a deep and entire new prospect pipeline, and to build a new circle of trusted relationships committed to working together with you, then EngagePro can help. 

It really can be so easy… With EngagePro, we’ve shown that by investing 10 minutes a day doing the right things to attract people into close, committed, “engaged” relationships, they’ll respond and become clients, referrers, and advocates for you.

We aim to help you get those results and achieve your desired success.

About Our Founder, Thomas Gay

Tom is a serial entrepreneur focused on bringing web solutions to complex business and marketing problems. Tom’s currently the CEO of the new sales building platform, EngagePro.com, and previously founded and led Refer.com to serve over 5 million users.

Over the years, Tom also founded National Decision Systems (NDS), the pioneer in advanced target marketing technology, and was twice honored with the coveted INC 500 Award. He also founded and led VistaInfo to provide geo-targeted property risk info to banks, insurers, realtors, and home buyers across the USA.  After taking VistaInfo public, Tom was honored by Individual Investor Magazine as one of the “5 Best Undiscovered Small Company CEO’s” in the USA.

In 2001, Tom and his wife, Patti, moved to Cape Town, South Africa, to start Monte Christo Ministries (MCM), focusing on helping people caught in institutional poverty. While there, MCM was focused on feeding programs reaching up to 10,000 children a day, building infrastructure to help infants and children with HIV, and bringing life skills and other community development programs to help break the cycles of generational poverty. In 2008, they achieved the goals set at the start of MCM in creating a self-sustaining ministry organization led by people from the local community who would be instrumental in changing their own futures. MCM just celebrated its 22nd anniversary serving the people of the Winelands region.

Tom has served on numerous corporate and community boards and is a frequently sought speaker on the topics of referral and relationship marketing, leadership, and leading socially responsible businesses.

Email: info@EngagePro.com

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